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Tue, Aug. 22nd, 2006, 05:02 pm
joecarnahan: For archival purposes

Today was the Student Activities Fair, when several brave Psi Phi members cook stand in the sun for five hours to share the joys of geekdom with the incoming first-years and other students. While we were there, abhyastamita and I came up with the following lists of things to remember for next year's activities fair. I'm posting them here so that they're somewhere public where we can find them a year from now. ;-)

Stuff That We Brought That We Should Bring Next Year

  • A cooler with water and sodas
  • Cookies
  • Books and (empty) DVD cases for display
  • Sunscreen
  • Tape

Stuff That We Didn't Do That We Should Do Next Time:

  • Print off a single color copy of each flyer and attach it to the front of the table
  • Prepare printed sign-up sheets
  • Bring camping chairs (or other folding chairs)
  • Bring Super Soakers and offer to soak people who are suffering from the hot weather (laser sound effects optional)
  • Bring hand fans, either manual or electric
  • Bring umbrellas for either rain or sun
  • Bring a trash bag
  • Email the Psi Phi list several days before and ask for help
  • Create a planned schedule with specific times when each person is supposed to be there

All in all, I think it was a successful affair. We didn't try to hard-sell anybody, instead letting those who were really interested come to us. As a result, we didn't get nearly as many names for the mailing list as in past years, but we're more optimistic about people who signed up for the list earnestly being interested in it. This is a Good ThingTM.